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Gas Emergency and Safety Advice

If you are experiencing a gas or water emergency and are unable to get a timely response from us or we are unable to attend your property within the hour, we would always refer you to the 24 hour National Gas Emergency helpline or Thames Water.  Please refer to the following information for guidance on seeking further assistance. 

GAS LEAK – If you can smell gas, you suspect a gas leak or a carbon monoxide leak, turn off the gas at the meter and avoid using any naked flames or electrical switches.

  • Immediately contact the National Grid on 0800 111 999 to report the fault. Only use a mobile phone from outside the property. The number is free and available 24 hours a day.
  • Follow the advice given by the emergency adviser.
  • Wait outside for a gas engineer to arrive.
  • If you are feeling unwell, visit your GP or hospital immediately. Tell them you may have been exposed to a gas leak or carbon monoxide poisoning.

CARBON MONOXIDE ALARM – If your carbon monoxide detector activates, move everyone outside and into the fresh air. 

  • Leave the doors and windows open.
  • Immediately telephone the National Grid on 0800 111 999 to report the alert and do not re-enter your home until it has been deemed safe by the authorities.
  • Flu-like symptoms can suggest gas poisoning. If you notice these symptoms, telephone 999 immediately.
The National Grid engineers will aim to attend all uncontrolled escapes of gas or carbon monoxide within one hour.  They will investigate the cause of the leak free of charge and make your home safe, until one of our engineers can attend to make a repair.  Please note the National Grid engineers can 'make safe' in an emergency by capping off the gas supply but are not insured to carry out repairs within the home.

WATER LEAK – Locate the stop valve and shut off the water supply to the property. Where possible, contain and manage the leak until you are able to obtain assistance.

WATER SUPPLY – Should you experience an interruption to your supply of water, try your kitchen cold water tap (the main water supply normally enters your home through the cold water tap located in the kitchen or utility room). Check that your stop valves are open, check for frozen pipes, and check with your neighbours in case the issue is a communal issue affecting the local area. Finally, contact Thames Water on 0845 9200 800 for further assistance.