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Under the spotlight VAILLANT

When looking to install a new boiler, it can be confusing to know which boiler is best for you. To help make things a little easier, we have created a handy guide. However, we always recommend that you have a discussion about your heating and hot water usage with a GAS SAFE registered engineer.  We offer a free site survey and can provide you with information on the different boiler options available to best suit your needs and maximise your energy savings, whilst keeping within budget.

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Under the spotlight today, we take a look at Vaillant and the benefits of installing a new energy efficient Vaillant boiler.

The Vaillant Group is an international family-owned company with a history of more than 141 years. Though Vaillant boasts German design, all their boilers are manufactured in the UK and replacement parts are easily available. The quality and reliability of a Vaillant boiler and the great after sales service are major factors in customers choosing Vaillant when replacing their boiler, but did you know...

  • Vaillant produce high efficiency boilers which reduce their heat output as necessary when combined with thermostatic radiator valves, thereby reducing running costs.
  • Vaillant have multiple flue options, including a rear flue (perfect for tight spaces).

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