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Getting your heating system ready for the winter

There’s a chill in the air and the nights are drawing in. Time to turn the heating on again and time to ensure your heating system is running efficiently. Here are our top tips

1. Get your boiler serviced

Not only does a boiler service ensure your boiler runs as efficiently as possible to save on heating costs, it will also ensure your boiler is in tip-top condition ready for the work it will need to do over the long winter months.  Getting a service helps spot those small problems that could turn into major ones – potentially saving you money and an awful lot of shivering.

2. Set your timer.

Once you’ve had your boiler serviced, it’s worth taking a moment to set your heating system timer so that you are never caught out without heat or hot water when you need it. You can upgrade or install heating controls without replacing your boiler.  Room thermostats, for example, are much more accurate now than they used to be. The HIVE smart thermostat allows you to control and customise your heating and hot water remotely from your smart phone, tablet or computer. These can be fitted quite easily to your existing system when you are having the boiler serviced.

3. Bleed your radiators

If you’ve heard some odd sounds coming from your radiators lately, especially when they're starting to heat up, or have noticed that a radiator is cooler in places, often nearer the top, there’s a good chance that they’re in need of bleeding.

Radiator bleeding is the process of letting any trapped air escape from your home’s heating system, which will increase heating performance, get rid of those rattling sounds, and ultimately save you money on your heating bill in the long run.

See our step by step guide here.

4. Install Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Do you really need that spare bedroom that you never go in to be as warm as your living room or kitchen? Heating the whole house to the same temperature is a huge waste of energy. Thermostatic radiator valves do not control the boiler; they reduce the flow of water through the radiator which they are fitted to when the temperature goes above a certain setting. Set them to the level you want for the room; a lower setting uses less energy and so will save you money, ensuring that you’re not wasting heat where it’s not needed by keeping unoccupied rooms unnecessarily toasty.

5. Insulate your loft

Heat has a habit of rising. If you are living in a house with an uninsulated loft, a quarter of your heat will be lost through your roof. Even if you’ve already got minimal insulation, increasing to the recommended 270mm can dramatically slash your heating bills. For more information visit the energy saving trust.

For further advice on getting your heating system ready to serve you well during the cold winter months, get in touch, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have

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