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Under the spotlight VAILLANT

Under the spotlight VAILLANT

When looking to install a new boiler, it can be confusing to know which boiler is best for you. Under the spotlight today, we take a look at Vaillant and the benefits of installing a new energy efficient Vaillant boiler. The quality and reliability of a Vaillant boiler and the great after sales service are major factors in customers choosing Vaillant when replacing their boiler, but did you know...

Frozen condensate pipe

Frozen Condensate Pipe

Step by step help guide. During low outside temperatures, it’s possible for your condensate pipe to freeze if the pipe terminates outside of your property, as water is passing through the pipe. If this happens, it is most likely that your boiler will fail to start, meaning no heating or hot water. If a frozen condensate pipe is to blame for your boiler failing to start, it means that you have to defrost the water that has built up within the pipe before it will work again. 

What is the ideal room temperature?

Are you controlling your heating manually?

Many people lower the normal room temperature when they are sleeping or are not at home. This might seem like a good idea because using less gas saves on energy costs There are a number of problems with this approach. Firstly, your boiler will have to work harder to reach your set ambient room temperature, increasing fuel usage. Secondly, when you get home it will takes some time until the rooms are pleasantly warm.What is the ideal room temperature? Older properties were not design...

HIVE Smart Thermostat

The HIVE Smart Thermostat

Frosty mornings call for a toasty heating system. With the award winning HIVE smart thermostat you can control every aspect of your heating from your smart phone or device.It’s easy to make sure your home is warm when it needs to be, without wasting energy. Turn it up, down, on or off, set schedules and temperature preferences from wherever you are 

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