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What is a powerflush?

A system flush is a cleansing process, which removes deposits of sludge, rust and any other debris from your central heating system in order to improve its effectiveness and allow heated water to flow through more easily and efficiently. Cleaning your heating system has a number of benefits: it can resolve problems you may be experiencing with your heating system, improve the efficiency and lifespan of an existing boiler, or protect a newly installed boiler - ensure your system stays as new as possible - for as long as possible.

We offer two types of system flush:

·   Traditional Powerflush

·   MaganCleanse flush

What is a MagnaCleanse?

MagnaCleanse is a new, cost effective flushing process designed to maintain and protect all domestic central heating systems from the damaging effects of iron oxide sludge build up. Not only does it clean the system, it provides ongoing protection for the boiler with the installation of a MagnaClean filter. This protection lasts throughout the lifetime of the boiler and helps to reduce central heating energy bills by up to 6%.

The objective is to catch and remove deposits of iron oxide sludge, rust and any other magnetic debris from the radiators and pipework and restore systems with circulation problems or boiler noises caused by the murky water and corrosion deposits. MagnaCleanse in conjunction with a permanently installed MagnaClean filter can remove these deposits and the problems that they cause.


 What is a power flush?

A central heating power flush is one of the older cleaning processes for a central heating system. Using a specialised machine, a chemical is circulated through your radiators, pipes and boiler at a high pressure. This flushes out any potentially inhibiting deposits and thus allows water to flow freely throughout your system. It is more expensive than a Magnacleanse flush because of the length of time it takes.

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